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Update 5/28/2016 @ 4:30AM CDT
The update has been running since 1:30 AM and is checking about 4,500 stories per hour. It appears that stories from FanFiction.Net have not been checked in over 1,100 days. That's just over 3 years. Can anyone that sees this confirm when you saw the last update from this site?

Stats say there are 102,345 stories in the FanFiction.Net database alone so updating is going to take a while longer.

I have created a support board on FicForums.Com if you want to contact me with any issues.


FicTrack.Com, also known as FavoritesTracker.Org, is a program created to have any easy way to know when chapters have been added to fan fiction stories. In addition to emailing you when chapters are added, it can also act sort of like a status monitor you can look at to quickly find out which of your favorites have had new chapters added to them.

The following fan fiction sites are supported: More information about the Favorites Tracker can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

To get started, you need to create an account. Accounts are free and are just a way to keep track of what your favorites are on the different sites.

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