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4/23/2016 @ 5:25PM CDT

I have the site up in a limited mode. Some features will not be working but you should at least be able to view lists.

New Server & Major Issue
4/21/2016 @ 10:00PM CDT

A few weeks ago I came across FavoritesTracker.Org and noticed the message by the creator that he was looking for someone to take it over. I had sent in a couple messages letting him know that I was interested in it and then a few days later the website went down. I tried one more time contacting him using a different method and was able to make contact. We have now transferred the source code, current database and domains to myself along with moving it all to a new server. That is the good news. The bad news is that upon getting everything going on the new server I found an issue with adding stories from FanFiction.Net. I had figured that it was just something easy at the time... Something different between our servers that I just needed to reconfigure. I wish it was that easy.

Back in November 2015 FanFiction.Net decided to go 100% to a SSL website. https:// instead of just http://

The part of the code that handles the communication from our servers to other servers was written using a PHP library that does not support the https:// protocol. Unfortunately this code is pretty much a major back bone to the website and I have not had luck trying to upgrade it to a library that supports https:// MAJOR parts of the code are written around this library. It's just not a simple drop in replacement. I am still trying but it is not going well and may need major code re-writes to get it working.

So that is where we stand at the moment. I will continue to try getting it running.


FicTrack.Com is a program created to have any easy way to know when chapters have been added to fan fiction stories. In addition to emailing you when chapters are added, it can also act sort of like a status monitor you can look at to quickly find out which of your favorites have had new chapters added to them.

So far, the following fan fiction sites are supported:

More information about the Favorites Tracker can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

To get started, you need to create an account. Accounts are free and are just a way to keep track of what your favorites are on the different sites.


Here is a snapshot of the Favorites Tracker in action. You can click on the image to see a larger version. The stories with unread chapters are highlighted in green and appear at the top of the list.


A special thanks to Joshua Oreman for adding support for FanFic and Trylasotar. Thanks Joshua!
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